New Orleans / Hurricane Katrina

I had one of my rare sight seeing flights on my departure from New Orleans Lakefront Airport along the gulf coast of Mississippi, to Dauphin Island, Alabama, and then up Mobile Bay to Mobile Regional Airport. I flew at around 700 feet, pretty low for those that don’t know. The devastation was intense all the way, but especially around Pass Christian, Mississippi. In fact, there just wasn’t much left standing, with one exception. There was one house standing there amongst the devastation all alone, sticking out like the proverbial sore thumb. From the air, it looked like you could just unlock the door and move on in. I was so intrigued and extraordinarily cat curious. Wondering how that could be about drove me to another drink or two for weeks, until I saw a special on that particular house on CNN.

Here’s the scoop. It was being built out of concrete by a structural engineer to survive a Hurricane Camille size storm surge. Ole Katrina was 6′ higher than that amazing 1969 storm, one fact no one should take lightly. Yet, his house survived. Now, how about this..the cost of construction for his home, he says, is about 10% more than conventionally used methods. I hope to meet this cool guy some day. Insurance companies, builders, homeowners, developers and the like should just do what is right, and build quality structures no matter where they are. Period.