Waiting for Earthrace 3

Well I’m here and it is basically as I suspected. Soft spoken people relaxing by the pool after yoga or chores; most of the girls are without tops, and surprisingly beautiful. This is a 20-30 year old group of free age types. A parent from Buckhead might be horrified if their children were here, while those from Midtown Atlanta would probably be proud. I suspect these folks are democrats to the core. Driving thru the town of Pahoa on the way here gives you a clue to the culture of this part of Hawaii. They don’t have any welcome signs, but the street has hand painted signs that say ‘Yoga’, ‘Reikii’, ‘Pilates’, and ‘Spiritual Healer’ to lure you in! By the time I got to the other end of town, I was laughing..not at them, but at how genuine this really is and not a contrived vision of Walt Disney.

This place I’m staying can be viewed online at www.kalani.com. It truly is worthy of serious economic analysis, here’s why. I’m about the only guest that is paying full boat for lodging. Most everyone here is a ‘volunteer’ which means they work some during the week in order to pay much less to stay here. Now isn’t that something..a society where you pay to work and are happily smiling! I highly recommend someone in college/graduate school needing to write a paper on social economics get over here soon. This is a best seller in progress. It certainly is a way for those inheriting small amounts of wealth or have saved a little to stretch their funds into the future while living in paradise. You certainly will not be totally disappointed at the scenery by the pool no matter what you’re looking for if anything.

There is no alcohol here. The reason isn’t that they are trying to be healthy. These people don’t have money for that. They are living on air. One of the employees that works full time brought a bottle of homemade wine and offered me a glass. I was happy to have it and not upset he didn’t bring more. All employees and volunteers eat three meals a day for free..that’s way better than using food stamps and having to cook for yourself. I don’t mean to imply these people are food stampers at all. In fact their system works incredibly well. Again, it needs to be studied!

So I’m off to do some exploring of one of the worlds most active volcano’s, snorkel with the turtles, or view the incredible landscape before my late afternoon massage.