Surviving August

Would someone please remind me next year that the month of August might best be spent somewhere other than the SOUTH!  It’s hot everywhere.  I just visited my old home on Dog River down in southern Alabama. Visited old friends, drank some chilly beers and headed to dinner with my friend JP. We grabbed a bit of fried seafood on the Mobile Causeway at the Blue Gill.  If you’ve never been on the Causeway, imagine a four lane highway just slightly above sea level with swamp everywhere.  There’s no reason to cross the damned thing unless you just want to experience what it’s like to be a marsh-an.  The various seafood restaurants and bars there for the most part these days are elevated to survive floods and such. Not the Blue Gill. It’s just going to flood and blow away when the next hurricane shows up.  That’s just a minor distraction for them. They charged me a $5 cover to go sit outside in the heat, swat mosquito’s and listen to loud music.  Heat can make you delirious. I suspect that’s a donation to their rebuilding fund.