Drive Across the USA-1

My Land Rover lease is about up, and I’m under the allowed mileage. “I have enough extra miles to get me to the west coast”, I tell my friend Joe who quickly let me know that under the terms of a lease, I can turn my vehicle in anywhere in the country. Hmmm, this is meant to be I figure. I decided on a route that takes me from Atlanta through Huntsville (Alabama), St. Louis, and Kansas City to start with. The reason for this route was simple; I’ve never been to any of these cities. I’m writing from the road now, currently in the Westin St. Louis, just next door to Busch Stadium, home of the Cardinals. And yes, it’s cold outside.

Several weeks ago, I flew my little plane across country and it’s waiting on me in Stockton, California. My total flying time: 11 hours. Not bad! Stay tuned for info on the trip home.

I have a videographer Jason traveling with me to document what it is like to drive across country without using many interstate highways. So far, we’ve only driven about 16 miles on Interstate Highways of our over 600 miles of travel.

There’s a big football rivalry over the road in Kansas City. Kansas ranked number 2, Missouri number 4 will have meet in Arrowhead Stadium Saturday night. Stay tuned…I’m going to the tailgate party. I don’t know who I’m pulling for yet as I’m looking to see where I might fit in best.

Off to see some the Arch, and eat some Turkey. Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download