Border Battle-Kansas City

Number 2 ranked Kansas plays Number 3 ranked Missouri tonight. The intense buzz around the hotel is amazingly civil, gentlemanly, friendly, and somewhat orderly. They are still drinking coffee. Expect all of this to change soon. It’s snowing outside, and expected to stop around noon. I’m not a fan of either of these teams, but am putting myself up for adoption today and by game time I’ll likely be off the fence. If not, I’ll pull for whoever is behind late in the game. Bad ticket are going for 300. I’ll watch from some sports bar.

We plan to work our way to some tailgate parties, even though by game time it will be 30 degrees.

The winner might be headed for number one. This event, according to the sports page, might be the most important and significant event ever to occur in Kansas City. And I’m going to get right in the middle of the action.

Oh, we’ve driven 1000 miles so far getting here. Virtually none on Interstate Highways. We stumbled upon Mark Twain’s birthplace, and I left a half smoked cigar on the marker. He of course said, “If I can’t smoke cigars in heaven, I shall not go.”