Battle OVER-Drive Across USA-2

Tailgating is a sport. Professional’s have no age limitations, physical requirements, or necessary degree. When you put two rivalries in a professional arena that isn’t a dome and the weather forecast is simply “Cold”, you can bet the party begins early. Kansas and Missouri were #2 and #3 yesterday. The electric energy of the fans was contagious. Various remarks between the competing fans entertained us thoroughly as our video camera rolled, walking all the way around Arrowhead Stadium, mingling with some very happy, fun, nice, interesting people that had no intention of remaining sober.

Missouri woke up as number 1 in the country. I suppose once the hangover has dissipated, classes will struggle to resume any form of normal pace, at either college. After all, this hasn’t happened in recent memory ’round here.

Driving across Kansas was beautiful. We chose highway 36, and from the air, this countryside gets a bad rap. From ground level, this place rocks. We cut through Nebraska and into Colorado where we are tonight; a town called Sterling.