Drive Across USA-3

At the very least, if you’re looking for a short vacation, just fly into Denver, rent a car and drive up to Jackson Hole, WY. You can stay on paved roads, but we took snow covered back dirt roads across Colorado and into Wyoming where we stopped in Cheyenne for the Starbucks and drove around the town. I-80 was necessary for about 175 miles today, but as you should know by now, we’re avoiding the Interstates. We headed northwest towards Jackson at Rawlings. The drive is beautiful, and we crossed the Continental Divide twice, took our time, and filmed some fantastic scenery. At dusk, the deer were everywhere. They can jump over a barbed wire fence about like a chess player knocks out the first pawn. It was dark as we climbed up to 9650′ crossing the snow covered pass and saw the outside temperatures drop down to 7 degrees. That’s not celsius either.

Jackson Hole at night is cool. We found a room at a place called the Rusty Parrot my friend Joe told us about. I’ll upload a picture soon.