Drive Across USA-Final

Watching the news of the destruction of the Washington/Oregon coast is just another example of the power of nature. Thankfully, we were one day ahead of the worst of the storm.

Our drive into Calistoga and then into St. Helena, the first city in two weeks that I had been to before, was great as we ventured through the Alexander Valley and into the Napa Valley. If you’ve never done the wine country, you should give it a try. This time of year isn’t as beautiful, BUT, there are no crowds of people to slow you down. We stopped into one of the many fine wine stores in Napa and I bought some wine to drink and some to take home. We drove over to a nice place where we sat outside next to a fire and uncorked some Zin and I lit a cigar. They do go well you know! Jason filmed, I drank, and Jason filmed. We drove over to Taylors Refresher for a burger before driving over to Stockton, CA to load my plane, unload my car, and reflect on how amazing this country is to see.