Flight Across the USA-LA to ATL

12/5-Having your own plane is nice, albeit a tad on the extravagant side. Being the pilot helps make it more reasonable. At any rate, I flew from Los Angeles Van Huys Airport east with a good tailwind, and in just over four hours and 830nm or so later I land in Lubbock, TX. Lubbock is midway for this trip, (actually a tad closer to LA). I had to find the best Mexican place and it came out fast and cheap and darn tasty.

12/6-Departed with a great tailwind and landed at PDK just slightly less than four hours, covering 880nm. That’s fast in case you don’t know. And yes, the plane has that much range…..and I landed with good bit of fuel to spare.
Now, time to lease another vehicle. It’s going to be hard not to get another LR3 by Land Rover. I put 4000 miles on that sucker in 2 weeks and sort of miss it!