Flying to Palm Beach

The Delta flight attendant gave the usual rant on how to put the mask on your face and mentioned that this was a training leg for a new FA. I was sitting near the front of the plane and the young flight attendant trainee and his instructor made their way up near the end of the flight. I listened as the young man rattled off all correct answers. I could not hear the last verbal words the instructor said just before he turned and walked past me towards the coach section, but the robust, squinting smile of jubilation and victory that trainee’s face gave as he followed him down the airplane isle was a sight I hope to remember forever. His personal quest to become a flight attendant for this airline was nothing short of any accomplishment made by anyone as the fate of their future takes a turn for the better.

The world is ahead of him now. Questions, concerns, or sleepless nights of worry about providing for himself and his family are now replaced with the adventure of this job and his yearn to be of service to the air traveler.

I’ll hope to see him again one day and see his face reveal to me what i know–that this is the right career for this enthusiastic excited new Delta FA.

New Years Key West

What ever is wrong with a trip to Key West? Not very much, especially when you get to do some fishing in between ‘Duval Crawl’s’. My friend JL is keeper of the Buffett empire along the old shrimp boat docks and was working hard to get the recording studio ready for the arrival of Jimmy and his new project, a performer from Africa. He let me inside to say hello to Jimmy, (see pic) who I’d not seen in quite some time. He had just flown in from St. Barts where he ‘had a blast’. He’s looking fit as ever in case you are wondering. I often hear, “Bobbo, you have the best life.” I figure it’s like this; first best gig going is Willard Scott, the next is Jimmy Buffett, and then ME!!

Fishing aboard the “Dos Locos” is interesting. The boat has one owner, three captains, no mate, no particular strategy, and a cooler full of Budweiser.

Brian was at his usual bartending gig at the Hogs Breath. Bubba the worlds greatest fisherman that acts like he doesn’t know how to bait a hook was recovering from the flu. Kerry and Diane hosted a New Years Day turnip and blackeyed pea buffet with fried chicken. Life is good down there, and I’m going back soon.