I visited Seattle for my birthday late Feb and wow what a place. It was my first time there, met up with an old high school chum (no, didn’t recognize each other) but nevertheless we had a good time catching up. I took the ferry to Bainbridge Island for lunch, the sun was shining, and everyone but me seemed intent for exercise and bicycle riders were everywhere. It almost never rained on me the entire time there.

The Seattle Art Museum and the community of collectors is extremely active. They are way ahead of most cities in thier art sophistication.

There is a great Restaurant called Matt’s, in a building across the little street from Pike Market, up on the third floor. It expanded from only a few tables to a few more recently and there is just a little bit of bar space for people like me to cut up with the bartender.

I did stumble upon a delicious Washington State wine called Buty. I ordered all of the wine they had of the vintage I had tasted. It was about 5 bottles. Oh well, I hope to get back to Seattle soon.