Panama Canal and

20,000 people died from 1904-1914 building this canal. Talk about a having an idea! Coming from the Caribbean side, you immediately take 3 locks up, all very near each other and are elevated so high in a short period of time that you can look back over the landscape like you are in a high rise. Once on top, you travel thru ‘the lake’ that really looks like just about any inland lake you’ve seen. (With many huge freighters). On the other side of the ‘lake’ you begin to drop down thru a series of 3 locks and next thing you know you’re on the other side, ready to cross by Panama City, Panama and into the Pacific Ocean.

Earthrace is on their second attempt to break the World Circumnavigation record, and currently well ahead of the time required to do that.

Earthrace lures me to the Panama Canal

Ok, so last year it didn’t work out for me to put myself through hell riding a speedboat across the Pacific, but this year, on the second attempt to break a world record, the idea of going thru the Panama Canal sounds as interesting and much more sophisticated. is the site to follow them/us. ¬†Updates on the return for sure here, so check back soon.