Paris….the Peso of America is worthless here

Straight to the facts. Reporting from Paris. I walked into a small cute shirt/tie shop in the Marais called “Nodus”. They have beautiful stuff. I’m successful enough, I think to myself. I don’t need to ask the price of a shirt! 200 Euros, $300 USD later I leave in shock. Yesterday, I wander into the Hemmingway Bar, Ritz Hotel for a Mohito where they make it with Havana Club rum. Now you do know Havana is in Cuba, a third wold economy so remember Havana Club is not expensive! ONE Mohito cost me $44.00….this is not a mistake. I’m not making this up. For Real. And this AM, a Vente Coffee at Starbucks cost me $6.00, it is $2.10 at my local Starbucks. Forget the weak dollar for a minute, this cost 3.40 euros.

Rumors of the demise of the middle class in America are gaining momentum in my thinking. We have overspent on housing for many years now, (Geo W. didn’t cause this) and our ability to use the house as our cultural and social economic engine are over. Living below ones means is impossible for many in the US now, and that is the only way to climb up the ladder. Wealthy Europeans will come to America and purchase back their art and antiques we bought from them over the past 50 years. They will own the best properties they don’t already have. And when the dollar recovers, they will benefit from their investments here.

I can’t wait to get back to the US of A and buy American products. I’ll save the soap box, but when I was visiting a friend a month ago in Jacksonville, FL we went into a Stein Mart. (The company is based there). I bought a nice dress shirt for $14.00 after the discounts on discounts.

BUY AMERICAN!!! The next President will likely win with that platform.