Island Hopping- Harbour Island to Manhattan Island

Allison’s birthday on Harbour Island, Bahamas was a blast with old friends, new friends, good wine, and some amazing sunsets. Harbour Island is a must see or must return to see. Have dinner at the Rock House and the Landing if you want to dine, grab a bite at Angela’s Star Fish anytime, and lunch at the beachside tables of Sip Sip and the Coral Sands. is a source to start your search.

The Ocean View hotel is amazing….no TV’s and frouns when you bring your laptop into the common area. “This is paradise, mon!”

My fishing guide appeared to be on something, but that didn’t stop me from hooking a bonefish. Ms. Lovie Breddux, my fishing companion for the day, enjoyed some lessons casting a spinning rig and laughing about anything.

I caught a near empty flight to NYC to enjoy ‘Young Frankenstein’, which is a great play if you’re looking to laugh a lot, and joined Kip and his brothers on their boat to cruise around, drink wine and eat lobster salad.