“It’s a Mad Mad Mad World” 45 years later

Ok, so round about 1963, the best movie EVER made came out, starring everybody in Hollywood that is funny, with a simple plot that everybody understands well (Greed), and if you don’t find the movie funny, go join some cult in the woods and drink the poisoned punch. Oh, do not bother writing me and telling me to watch this or that if I want to know what funny is either.

I was 8 years old, and remember sitting in the back seat of our car with the parents and my two of my brothers. Yep, we were watching the movie at the Drive In, the one that was at the corner of Government Blvd and Azalea Rd in Mobile, Alabama. I remember that movie quite well….it was probably the first movie I can remember on the big screen. But what I absolutely remember most was my mother laughing. She loved that movie and I had never heard her laugh so much in my few years of life that had by then been spent mostly shitting in diapers and causing her grief in ways I can’t imagine. Basically what most of us accomplish by the age of 8.

Today I just accomplished one of my goals in life. I got my mother over here and sat her in front of the TV and turned on that classic. Yep, she laughed, but the volume in her voice is gone (she’s almost 84-sorry for making your age known momma) but she laughed so much she had to wipe the tears from her eyes. I’m pretty sure she’d not seen the movie since that first time….it was the first time I’d ever seen it in full since then myself. Like a time capsule, we went back 45 years today and I could listen to that wonderful laugh. Her humor is still there, her mind too, her tolerance is getting better, and by golly who can bitch about taking the afternoon off with your mom and watching a movie in your own home. My little brother showed up near the end, I’m not sure he’d ever seen it (he was born in 1963), but he was laughing the minute he walked in….what movie can capture you immediately no matter where you happen to join in? This is it….and cheers to the cast. If you ever have a reunion, I want to be there!