Cedar Key, Cumberland Island, Palm Beach…..2010 off to a good start!

Cedar Key is a tiny fishing village on the Gulf of Mexico….foreign tourists don’t miss this place when they come to Florida yet most Americans have never heard of it. I suggest you go there expecting that you will wonder why you’re there when you get there! Just poke around, eat some seafood, and learn the history. You will want to go back I’m pretty sure, and yet you still won’t know just why.

Cumberland Island once again lured me for New Years Eve. A pig roast at the barn with a wonderful array of people and great music is not a bad way to ring in the new year.

Palm Beach….the wealthy people that reide here over the winter appear immune to the recession ….it really was beautiful, and one friend was entertaining in the surf when he isn’t entertaining on tour!

A happy surfer…lookn for a shaker of salt.

Bobbo Air on Cedar Key tarmac

This is all there is, and plenty enough to enjoy! Cedar Key rocks.

Cumberland Island

Gogo lookn for bones

Pig Roasting on an open fire….

Ben and I and a couple of HdeM Galahad’s