Why is it that nobody talks much about Berlin?  Well, I’m have to say that it is one of the most amazing places of my journeys.  Traffic is not bad even though it is spread out.  There are young people scattered about with older people that appear young and hip.  Neat cafe’s all around, fine dining that is affordable, and art galleries from one end of town to the other.  Miles and miles of canals, remnants of the wall, modern architecture mixed with old, safe taxi’s, and most everyone speaks English.  In fact, at the new SoHo House bar, English was the basic language as people from all parts of the globe united with one common language.

This famous Berlin bunker is now the residence of a nice couple that invited us to dinner. Their modern (often wild) art collection fills the building and they live on the beautiful addition to the roof.

The Berlin Wall didn’t cross the canal here, so many oppressed tried to cross. They were shot. Those figures represent those that died. Apparently few survived the swim.

Sebastiaan showing off his art in the studio. Art galleries are trying to get these guys to temper the art to make it more salable….hmmm. The contrarian investor in me pays attention.