OIL Damnit

I know….I’ve not posted a picture of me and Jimmy Buffett on the panhandle at the beginning of April….yes I do have pictures of the master stopping the bud truck drivers….but since then the oil has poisoned the Gulf of Mexico….it is devastating to watch.  I hoped it was over days later, and now months later we all morn the Gulf.  When I went to France ballooning….the oil poured….I went to Hannah’s wedding on Cumberland Island, the oil poured…at least 10 times more than the fuckers admitted at first….ONE LOVE ONE OCEAN….I am going to visit the homeland of south Alabama very soon…..pray, stay tuned…go down and spend money.

Gary Downs didn’t know what he was about to encounter when Jimmy showed up at his Bud Truck. Funny how a regular day turns into something else quickly.