A Magical (time of) Year

I woke up today and went to church. However, the schedule today was different….I missed the service completely. So I went to Starbucks on Peachtree in midtown Atlanta and sat down with a coffee and the New York Times, which btw has a great story about what happened when the Horizon Drill Rig blew up. A guy behind me asked one of the barista’s about a refill coffee, and they said, ‘it is 54 cents’. He just sat there, so I turned around to give him a dollar for a refill. He was not in Sunday clothes to say the least and his hours spent last night and/or this am in the frigid cold and snow was telling. He was happy to be inside the safe Starbucks….hoping not to be kicked out. When I left, he approached me to thank me and asked for a little more money for breakfast….I gave him 2 more dollars….(it was that or a 20 dollar bill). I’m sure me giving him money was at the dismay of the good employees at the Starbucks that have to deal with the homeless so often.

Later this afternoon, I went to the gym at LA Fitness Ansley Mall. After working out a friend called just as I was leaving. I went to sit down inside where it is warm while talking to him, but noticed trash on the chair. Oh, just pick it up I thought and sit down. Well, the trash was a wadded up 10 dollar bill. God paid back my small deed quite fast today I guess. 🙂 I am just hoping the person that lost it didn’t need it. Is this what giving is all about? I know many others have similar stories. The more you give, the more you receive. From my experience, it really is true. It doesn’t usually happen like this!

I’m quite a spiritual person as most of you know…as are most of my friends. I’ve noticed the coincidences and unexplained happenings on the rise…probably because I’m paying attention, but maybe not.

However, I also notice little things at my Church that have ‘evolved’ in the attempt to be welcoming….but as I reflect on that, I admit I’m not sold on that. The imbalance of the world without ‘organized religion’ is not something I want to experience so I guess we all just have to tolerate the process of religion if we don’t totally agree or understand. Or do we?

Merry Christmas and a very prosperous, caring, giving, get involved, be concerned, and open to the opinions of others….NEW YEAR!!!


Mendoza wine country is spectacular….as is the town of Mendoza. The wine industry here is improving….to the point that I must say that the higher end highly crafted wines are world class. The cheaper wines are delicious for the money as you know.

Buenos Aires has changed alot since I was here last in 1997. What a place! I put this city at the top of the list of must see places way back then and now it is back there.

The Malbec and a blend to taste at this boutique winery Carinae.

What is all that DUST? The Andes sent down some amazingly strong winds….SONDA WINDS. Gusts nearing 60 mph.

Calatrava bridge in BsAs.