HAITI….my first visit.

Habitat for Humanity invited me to see their operations and experience first hand the situation in Port au Prince. Observation: The people of Haiti are awesome. They are well dressed, smiling, working at doing something and surviving. They desperately need a break…and a good plan to rehab that town might be the answer. I think to myself, what would I be like if my world rumbled to the ground and I had little or no way to produce income, not much food, no red wine, and had to walk thru mud to get anywhere. I don’t want to think about that.

You can stay in a nice hotel there if you want to visit. I stayed at a beautiful hotel called the Ibo Lele, up on the mountain overlooking the city. We had lunch at the Olafson Hotel which is so full of charm you can’t imagine. It is the real deal…in original condition!

Took lots of video…with a new sony camera I can’t figure out how to edit, so pics will come later.

KRANK IT UP!!! Roger that gud buddy. how you say that in creole?