Days 6, 7, 8: Alexndr Bay, Kingston, Cobourg, Toronto

After touring the Boldt and Singer Castles we cruised into Canadian waters.  We arrived in Kingston for Canada Day and had a great time seeing the town and watching fireworks.  A morning cruise to a small town called Cobourg was nice.  Guests leave and arrive and yesterday afternoon we cruised the beautiful Lake Ontario, ate a delicious casserole I brought from Betsy at Cassaroles Inc, Atlanta.  Amazing sunset and pulled into Toronto harbor to all the big city lights.  About to go ashore now!!

ESS-KAY Marina, Brewerton NY. Erie Canal Museum, Syracuse.

Kim and her family welcomed us with open arms (and a load of fuel) as Captain Jim and her go back 20 years.  Brewerton, NY sits on west end of Lake Oneida and has transient boats, colorful locals and some relics!!  Not only old boats but A 91 yo woman making transit and a 1942 Mack Truck that is still in service!!  Syracuse grew from 250 people to about 12,000 between 1820-1830 as the canal construction began to transform the area. All loans to build the canal were paid off by 1845.  A very successful project.  We need a modern day version to get our economy moving and help us pay our debts. The commerce the canal created put NYC ahead of other ports and really made it what it is today. On to Oswego, NY today!





Day 2

It is amazing at 8 knots how far you can travel.  I-90 traffic blew horns on one side of us and Amtrack on other.  Hey y’all!!!  2 nights in Brewerton now and then to Lake Ontario!!