Flying to Palm Beach

The Delta flight attendant gave the usual rant on how to put the mask on your face and mentioned that this was a training leg for a new FA. I was sitting near the front of the plane and the young flight attendant trainee and his instructor made their way up near the end of the flight. I listened as the young man rattled off all correct answers. I could not hear the last verbal words the instructor said just before he turned and walked past me towards the coach section, but the robust, squinting smile of jubilation and victory that trainee’s face gave as he followed him down the airplane isle was a sight I hope to remember forever. His personal quest to become a flight attendant for this airline was nothing short of any accomplishment made by anyone as the fate of their future takes a turn for the better.

The world is ahead of him now. Questions, concerns, or sleepless nights of worry about providing for himself and his family are now replaced with the adventure of this job and his yearn to be of service to the air traveler.

I’ll hope to see him again one day and see his face reveal to me what i know–that this is the right career for this enthusiastic excited new Delta FA.

New Years Key West

What ever is wrong with a trip to Key West? Not very much, especially when you get to do some fishing in between ‘Duval Crawl’s’. My friend JL is keeper of the Buffett empire along the old shrimp boat docks and was working hard to get the recording studio ready for the arrival of Jimmy and his new project, a performer from Africa. He let me inside to say hello to Jimmy, (see pic) who I’d not seen in quite some time. He had just flown in from St. Barts where he ‘had a blast’. He’s looking fit as ever in case you are wondering. I often hear, “Bobbo, you have the best life.” I figure it’s like this; first best gig going is Willard Scott, the next is Jimmy Buffett, and then ME!!

Fishing aboard the “Dos Locos” is interesting. The boat has one owner, three captains, no mate, no particular strategy, and a cooler full of Budweiser.

Brian was at his usual bartending gig at the Hogs Breath. Bubba the worlds greatest fisherman that acts like he doesn’t know how to bait a hook was recovering from the flu. Kerry and Diane hosted a New Years Day turnip and blackeyed pea buffet with fried chicken. Life is good down there, and I’m going back soon.

Flight Across the USA-LA to ATL

12/5-Having your own plane is nice, albeit a tad on the extravagant side. Being the pilot helps make it more reasonable. At any rate, I flew from Los Angeles Van Huys Airport east with a good tailwind, and in just over four hours and 830nm or so later I land in Lubbock, TX. Lubbock is midway for this trip, (actually a tad closer to LA). I had to find the best Mexican place and it came out fast and cheap and darn tasty.

12/6-Departed with a great tailwind and landed at PDK just slightly less than four hours, covering 880nm. That’s fast in case you don’t know. And yes, the plane has that much range…..and I landed with good bit of fuel to spare.
Now, time to lease another vehicle. It’s going to be hard not to get another LR3 by Land Rover. I put 4000 miles on that sucker in 2 weeks and sort of miss it!

Drive Across USA-Final

Watching the news of the destruction of the Washington/Oregon coast is just another example of the power of nature. Thankfully, we were one day ahead of the worst of the storm.

Our drive into Calistoga and then into St. Helena, the first city in two weeks that I had been to before, was great as we ventured through the Alexander Valley and into the Napa Valley. If you’ve never done the wine country, you should give it a try. This time of year isn’t as beautiful, BUT, there are no crowds of people to slow you down. We stopped into one of the many fine wine stores in Napa and I bought some wine to drink and some to take home. We drove over to a nice place where we sat outside next to a fire and uncorked some Zin and I lit a cigar. They do go well you know! Jason filmed, I drank, and Jason filmed. We drove over to Taylors Refresher for a burger before driving over to Stockton, CA to load my plane, unload my car, and reflect on how amazing this country is to see.

Portand to the Coast-5

Just driving along to the coast after two night in FABULOUS Portland where if you don’t like coffee houses, book stores, or tatoo’d girls with spikes on their belt, don’t bother. I can’t wait to return! And there on the highway to Lincoln City is an Aviation Museum. Of course, I pull into the drive and notice the vineyard outside is called Spruce Goose Vineyards. “No way this is the Spruce Goose”, I hollar in anticipation that it might be. It is and oh my oh my. The largest airplane in the world made of plywood and I’m eventually paying 50 bucks to get to sit in the pilots seat. Howard Hughes had vision and money, but this project at least ends up in a museum where ordinary people can see what can happen when too much vision and money collide.

We stopped for the night at the wonderful seaport town of Newport, Oregon. Dinner at April’s was delicious and then we went to the Rogue Bar on the harbor for beers with the fishermen that have all docked their commercial craft securely in port in anticipation for rough weather. Justin, and young guy said his best 4 months of fishing made him over 100,000 dollars. The guys compared numbers of pots and pounds of crabs over Rogue brewed beers. Weather reports call for hurricane force winds starting Sunday.

This morning, we drove in driving rain and powerfully strong gusts along 101 down the coast. Gusts must have been hurrican force on occasion. The ocean is powerful when winds blow that hard and the waves pound into the rocks. ‘White with foam’ today for sure.

We’re hold up in a Holiday Inn in Ukiah, California, and tomorrow to Napa on the way to Stockton to check on the Mooney!

Drive Across USA-4

What a drive US 26W is! I’m just getting in from the 10 hour drive across some amazing countryside.  The passes were challenging, but the Land Rover performed as expected.  More info to follow.  Just in from dinner at Shula’s Steak House in Portland.  Tasty!

Drive Across USA-3

At the very least, if you’re looking for a short vacation, just fly into Denver, rent a car and drive up to Jackson Hole, WY. You can stay on paved roads, but we took snow covered back dirt roads across Colorado and into Wyoming where we stopped in Cheyenne for the Starbucks and drove around the town. I-80 was necessary for about 175 miles today, but as you should know by now, we’re avoiding the Interstates. We headed northwest towards Jackson at Rawlings. The drive is beautiful, and we crossed the Continental Divide twice, took our time, and filmed some fantastic scenery. At dusk, the deer were everywhere. They can jump over a barbed wire fence about like a chess player knocks out the first pawn. It was dark as we climbed up to 9650′ crossing the snow covered pass and saw the outside temperatures drop down to 7 degrees. That’s not celsius either.

Jackson Hole at night is cool. We found a room at a place called the Rusty Parrot my friend Joe told us about. I’ll upload a picture soon.

Battle OVER-Drive Across USA-2

Tailgating is a sport. Professional’s have no age limitations, physical requirements, or necessary degree. When you put two rivalries in a professional arena that isn’t a dome and the weather forecast is simply “Cold”, you can bet the party begins early. Kansas and Missouri were #2 and #3 yesterday. The electric energy of the fans was contagious. Various remarks between the competing fans entertained us thoroughly as our video camera rolled, walking all the way around Arrowhead Stadium, mingling with some very happy, fun, nice, interesting people that had no intention of remaining sober.

Missouri woke up as number 1 in the country. I suppose once the hangover has dissipated, classes will struggle to resume any form of normal pace, at either college. After all, this hasn’t happened in recent memory ’round here.

Driving across Kansas was beautiful. We chose highway 36, and from the air, this countryside gets a bad rap. From ground level, this place rocks. We cut through Nebraska and into Colorado where we are tonight; a town called Sterling.

Border Battle-Kansas City

Number 2 ranked Kansas plays Number 3 ranked Missouri tonight. The intense buzz around the hotel is amazingly civil, gentlemanly, friendly, and somewhat orderly. They are still drinking coffee. Expect all of this to change soon. It’s snowing outside, and expected to stop around noon. I’m not a fan of either of these teams, but am putting myself up for adoption today and by game time I’ll likely be off the fence. If not, I’ll pull for whoever is behind late in the game. Bad ticket are going for 300. I’ll watch from some sports bar.

We plan to work our way to some tailgate parties, even though by game time it will be 30 degrees.

The winner might be headed for number one. This event, according to the sports page, might be the most important and significant event ever to occur in Kansas City. And I’m going to get right in the middle of the action.

Oh, we’ve driven 1000 miles so far getting here. Virtually none on Interstate Highways. We stumbled upon Mark Twain’s birthplace, and I left a half smoked cigar on the marker. He of course said, “If I can’t smoke cigars in heaven, I shall not go.”

Drive Across the USA-1

My Land Rover lease is about up, and I’m under the allowed mileage. “I have enough extra miles to get me to the west coast”, I tell my friend Joe who quickly let me know that under the terms of a lease, I can turn my vehicle in anywhere in the country. Hmmm, this is meant to be I figure. I decided on a route that takes me from Atlanta through Huntsville (Alabama), St. Louis, and Kansas City to start with. The reason for this route was simple; I’ve never been to any of these cities. I’m writing from the road now, currently in the Westin St. Louis, just next door to Busch Stadium, home of the Cardinals. And yes, it’s cold outside.

Several weeks ago, I flew my little plane across country and it’s waiting on me in Stockton, California. My total flying time: 11 hours. Not bad! Stay tuned for info on the trip home.

I have a videographer Jason traveling with me to document what it is like to drive across country without using many interstate highways. So far, we’ve only driven about 16 miles on Interstate Highways of our over 600 miles of travel.

There’s a big football rivalry over the road in Kansas City. Kansas ranked number 2, Missouri number 4 will have meet in Arrowhead Stadium Saturday night. Stay tuned…I’m going to the tailgate party. I don’t know who I’m pulling for yet as I’m looking to see where I might fit in best.

Off to see some the Arch, and eat some Turkey. Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download