Napa Valley by damn

The Napa Valley produces some of the yummiest wine in the world.  This beautiful region is home to the rich and famous, farmers, waiters, wine people….and they are not far from the farmhands.  These people are all indigenous to the land in the way they live….it’s romantic, exciting, laid back and except for the traffic, simply a lovely place. Meet me for dinner at “Cook”. Order a glass of Napa Valley Farms wine and a plate of Eggplant Parmesan with a side of brussel sprouts.  Tomorrow for lunch, a burger at Taylor’s Refreshor for shor.


So, what’s wrong with a lil trip to see the Aspen trees turning to gold in Snowmass followed by a trip to Napa Valley? Not very much. The crush was on in the wine country and the grape guru’s were the talk of the town. What one restaurant do you go to eat if you’ve never been and have way too much money in your money market account? The French Laundry, or affectionately called by the locals, “The TFL”. Dinner for two (I took my lodging host Todd who is a vinter himself) is about the cost of a fairly somewhat reliable 1994 vehicle with miles that is currently running just fine. It is worth every penny, especially if you like dining for hours, know your spices/herbs, like innards of various species (remember, I am from Alabama) and are very hungry. The Sommelier is Gregory Castells and such a friendly guy to have visit your table even if it’s just to chat….he apparently knows his stuff. His first recommendation for the first courses was a tidy bottle of delicious Burgundy, a silky Musginy. Being a Bordeaux freak, I noticed he had a ‘special’ suggestion on the extensive list, known as a first growth wine, so I asked, “how ’bout dat ’94 Mouton, big man”? (No he’s not a big man, this is a southern thing once again) ‘It is drinking damn good’ was what I heard how ever sommeliers say that. I know, you uppety wineo’s are thinking, ‘that’s not fair, how can you go wrong with Mouton Rothschild’? But HEY, I’ve not had a belly full of Anything Rothschild so WHY THE HELL NOT? Leave me alone already. I’m still suffering from the car comparison. And yes, I do like Napa wines, but this is the FRENCH Laundry!

I did finish up in LA having the paparazzi flash the cameras at us as we walked into KOI for dinner. Wrong again guys, we’re nobody’s. The next night was a special dinner in Beverly Hills, and let’s just say, at a very special home.