Mendoza wine country is spectacular….as is the town of Mendoza. The wine industry here is improving….to the point that I must say that the higher end highly crafted wines are world class. The cheaper wines are delicious for the money as you know.

Buenos Aires has changed alot since I was here last in 1997. What a place! I put this city at the top of the list of must see places way back then and now it is back there.

The Malbec and a blend to taste at this boutique winery Carinae.

What is all that DUST? The Andes sent down some amazingly strong winds….SONDA WINDS. Gusts nearing 60 mph.

Calatrava bridge in BsAs.

Boondoggle in Brazil…..a Schooner to blame!

Oh it’s just an idea, but having a schooner built does get your mariner’s blood flowing. From Sao Paulo we drove to Paraty to look at boats, then back to Sao Paulo to fly north to an old colonial town called Sao Luis and the next day we took a ferry across the bay and drove to a little village called Carurupu. Donkeys and livestock roamed the highway, vendors cooked shrimp on the hot pavement, pot holes caused tension at all times on the road, and once we arrived in the village, our $15 per night hotel room was clean and comfortable. Except for the shower that when you turned the hot water on you could feel the current of electricity entering your arm as you’re standing in water. Not a good idea.

The boat yard was rustic but quite skilled at their tasks. We spent an afternoon and the next morning combing the construction of the schooner “Yamandu” that is being built for a doctor down there. He’s going to have a wonderful boat.

Rimandas and Bobbo on the pier in Paraty

Schooner “Travasea”

Schooner Yamandu under construction

Can you imagine driving these roads at night?